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Here’s where Mr Gohel answers frequently asked questions and addresses other issues for people facing criminal proceedings.



Should I post bail, or should I try to get out on my own recognizance?

When you are arrested on a California state charge, bail is initially set according to a schedule in each County, based upon the charges for which you are arrested. You are supposed to be brought before a judge within 72 hours, or longer if that time falls over a weekend. Most defendants with an attorney.. read more →

Will I get a phone call from jail?

Yes. You should be allowed access to a phone, and they will not usually limit you to one call. When exactly you get to make that call depends on the facility in which your are being held. read more →

If I don’t talk to the police, will I appear guilty?

Maybe to the police, but you may save yourself a lot of grief later. It is human nature to want to explain your side of the story to the police, but try to resist, because it almost never works. One of the fastest way to get convicted of a crime is to talk to the.. read more →

Should I Talk To The Police Without An Attorney?

Probably not. Police officers are trained to obtain statements from suspects, and are authorized by law to use deception, lies and trickery to ferret out illegal activity. As a result, you are very unlikely to say anything to a law enforcement officer which will exonerate you. You usually will only hurt yourself, and will often.. read more →

Do I Need A “Criminal” Lawyer?

Do I Need A “Criminal” Lawyer? Yes. Criminal defense is a specialized field. Criminal lawyers know criminal procedure, evidence, and usually are accomplished trial lawyers. Many criminal lawyers will try more cases in one year than most other types of lawyers will in a career. Another thing to make sure is that if you are.. read more →

What do I say to the police if I don’t want to talk to them?

Tell them: “Officer, I would like to cooperate with you, but I will not make any statements unless I have an attorney present during questioning.” read more →