The only real lawyers are trial lawyers, and trial lawyers try cases to juries.” – Clarence Darrow

Mr. Gohel is a trial lawyer for people charged with crimes where they are facing significant prison sentences, or life in prison.  Period.  If you are facing really serious charges and there is a chance you may have to to go trial, then you should consider him to represent you.

He has an unprecedented record of victorious jury verdicts in some of the most serious cases, including five out of seven acquittals on recent first degree murder cases. Compare his record in jury trials in the “Case Results” section of this site to other comparable criminal defense attorneys.  

If you want a deal-maker…an inside attorney with “juice”, Mr. Gohel is not your attorney. Mr. Gohel tries cases all over Northern California, and does not owe any favors to any prosecutors. When he does negotiate a settlement, it is because prosecutors know he will try the case if a reasonable offer is not made.

In today’s criminal justice system, where prosecutors would rather lose a case at trial than make a fair plea-bargain and look “soft on crime”, you must be willing to take off the gloves and take it to a jury. A sad reality is, to many prosecutors, it is not about justice, it is about winning. So fight fire with fire.

When your back is against the wall, and you are out of options, put twelve in the box and let’s take it to the jury.