Violent Crimes

         When I was a baby, my momma told me son, always be a good boy, don’t ever play with guns, but I shot a man in Reno…just to watch him die.” – Johnny Cash, Folsom Prison Blues

Mr. Gohel has represented clients accused of crimes of violence, including homicide, assault with a deadly weapon, assault with serious bodily injury and arson.

Mr. Gohel has tried murder cases to to juries.  He has achieved dismissals for his clients in five of his last seven first degree murder cases, of which four were were special circumstances cases where his clients were facing Life in Prison Without the Possibility of Parole.  This is an unheard of and unduplicated record in the State of California in the most serious of criminal cases.

In a recent case, he won a Not Guilty verdict on all charges, including Murder and Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice.  His client was charged along with a prominent criminal defense lawyer, three CHP Officers and his own brother in a variety of trumped-up charges.  After fighting through the third-longest criminal trial in California history, the jury came back with acquittals on all charges for all of the defendants.  The case has become the subject of a brilliant podcast by Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Christopher Goffard, entitled The Trials of Frank Carson, by the Los Angeles Times.

In one other recent case, he won a Not Guilty verdict on all charges for first-degree murder with a gun enhancement.  His client was in custody for four and a half years awaiting trial, but was released on the day of the verdict.  Despite two cooperating witnesses who claimed client confessed to the crime, wiretaps, cell tower tracking, and evidence of client’s intention to flee, jury acquitted in four hours after a four week trial.  Client was facing 50 years to life in prison, but is now back home with his family.

He is one of the extremely rare-breed of criminal defense attorneys who have tried a first degree murder case to a jury and achieved a Not Guilty verdict on all charges.  When considering other lawyers, ask them if they have ever achieved such a result. 

He is also a specialist in representing persons accused of crimes with “gang enhancements” under Penal Code sec. 186.22 as well as federal RICO and VICAR statutes. Mr. Gohel has achieved multiple separate jury verdicts in which the jury determined that the Hells Angels were not a criminal street gang.

For example, in one recent case, he won Not Guilty verdicts on all felony charges and gang enhancement involving a fight between members of the Hells Angels and the Vagos in an Indian casino.  The jury acquitted his client after a three month trial, despite damaging casino video evidence.  The jury did not believe the prosecution’s claim that the Hells Angels were a criminal street gang.

When you face extremely serious charges, you need an attorney who knows how to defend you when the stakes are at their highest.