Police Misconduct

         But who is to guard the guards themselves?”- Juvenal, Satires VI

Mr. Gohel has represented plaintiffs in lawsuits against police officers who have violated the civil rights of individuals. Mr. Gohel became involved in this area after hearing repeated stories of excessive force and abuse by officers against his criminal clients.

With the ubiquitous use of video surveillance in public spaces and cell phone cameras, victims of police abuse now have far greater tools to document civil rights violations and abuse at the hands of the police.

Usually filing the case in federal Court, under the Civil Rights Act and Title 42 U.S.C. sec. 1983, he has achieved six-figure settlements for clients and has prevailed at jury trial involving police excessive force.

In a recent case, Mr. Gohel represented an individual who was suffering from diabetic shock. Police officers who arrived on scene claimed to have mistook his erratic behavior for that of a person under the influence of drugs or alcohol. One officer beat the client over the head with a flashlight while the other used a Taser gun. Mr. Gohel achieved a substantial settlement for the client.

Police officers are given great privilege and authority to use physical force and make arrests. With this power and authority comes the potential of serious injury, injustice and death. It is imperative that such power must be checked when it is abused.