White Collar

         The Point is Ladies and Gentlemen, Greed, for Lack of a Better Word, is Good.” – Gordon Gekko, Wall Street

Mr. Gohel has represented clients in numerous “white collar” matters, mainly in federal court. These have included cases where clients were alleged with fraud, misappropriation, embezzlement, money laundering, structuring, tax evasion, conspiracy to defraud, and a host of other complex state and federal crimes.

Most of these cases are in federal court, where federal judges are now handing out very stiff penalties to offenders.  These cases often require detailed analysis and complex defenses related to the accused’s state of mind and intent.  You need an experienced lawyer, trained and familiar with federal court rules and procedures and with a winning track record.

In one recent case, Mr. Gohel in which his client was charged with Misappropriation by a Public Official, Embezzlement and Money Laundering, he won the dismissal of all charges in a high profile political prosecution of the General Manager of the Ross Valley Sanitary District.  His client was in custody for two years on trumped-up high bail where the elected District Attorney of Marin County personally prosecuted the case.  The client was released on the day of the verdict, finally a free and righteously-exonerated man.