Sex Crimes

         The false is nothing but an imitation of the true.” – Marcus Tulius Cicero

Clients accused of sex crimes face enormous difficulties. Because of the extreme reaction the general public has to persons accused of rape, sexual assault, or human trafficking, the presumption of innocence simply does not exist. You have to prove your innocence. Additionally, because of mandatory lifetime sex registration for sex crime offenders, the stakes in these cases are extremely high.

Additionally, the law enforcement community and health care professionals who investigate sex crimes (SVU and SART programs) often have a well-intentioned but unfortunate bias that results in less-than-objective investigation.

Mr. Gohel works with a team of investigators, forensic and medical doctors, and other specialists to even the odds.

In Mr. Gohel’s last sexual assault trial, he obtained a not guilty verdict where his client was accused of rape of an unconscious woman. The prosecution presented a SART examiner who claimed that the physical findings of the rape exam indicated sexual assault. Using an expert medical doctor, careful jury selection, and thorough cross-examination of the victim and the prosecution expert, his innocent client walked out of the courtroom a free man.